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Silver’s Seasonal Slump Approaches

Silver’s Seasonal Slump Approaches

Silver has been one of the best performing commodities this year gaining over 40% since the start of the year. It has also been reported across financial media and trending on twitter over the last few days as buyers have increased in confidence.

Is China’s recent rally sustainable or do seasonals point to a pullback?

Some analysts are pointing to the fact that , despite the ‘bear market’ rally the fundamental outlook has not really changed and economic uncertainty remains with lower earnings set to remain for now. However, other analysts point to very high stock valuations in the US and Japan as a potential driver for a renewed interest in China and likely to encourage a further rotation of funds.

Watch for 2% plus swings on a surprise CPI print in the EURUSD

On Wednesday we have the US CPI print being released and it is a major focus for the Fed. In the last Fed meting, on May 01, the Fed confirmed that recent US inflation data had been disappointing. In the Press Conference Powell said, when asked about the prospect of 3 cuts this year, that the Fed needs more confidence on inflation and that the Fed did not see progress in Q1.