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Dive into daily market insights and trading opportunities in equity, forex, and commodity markets with our esteemed analyst Giles Coghlan. His cutting-edge analysis has been featured in Reuters, Business Insider, WSJ, Financial Times Adviser, NBC, LBC Radio, CoinTelegraph, Guardian Observer, National Express, and numerous other prestigious financial outlets.

February Is PayPal’s Weakest Month

Over the last 8 years February has been the weakest month of the year for PayPal, closely followed by September. Furthermore, some of the falls have been double digit plunges in PayPal’s share price, so watch out for some significant volatility after the close with PayPal’s earnings due to be released.

Microsoft Moves!

Microsoft announce their earnings this week after the close on Tuesday and the earnings are worth looking at closely. Over the last 25 years Microsoft’s seasonals are very weak during the upcoming period.

Is Copper Calling?

This week stock markets in Hong Kong and mainland China saw snap gains on reports that the government might provide support. There are reports about a huge fund (worth about 2 trillion Chinese Yuan or around $278 billion) to stabilise the markets. This intervention was not unexpected as stock prices were getting close to the lowest point in 2022.

A Vision For Visa

Is the US economy bulletproof? That’s what the recent price action in US stock markets has been saying. With the US economy showing a strong jobs markets, decent GDP, a low unemployment rate, and inflation starting to fall - the idea of a soft landing could be replaced by a ‘no landing’!

Time To Buy Tesla Shares?

Over the last 13 years Tesla has seen an average return of 5% between the 22nd of Jan and the 5th of February. After the close on Wednesday Tesla’s earnings will be released. Will we see a surprise upside beat? In 2023 and 2020 Tesla’s share prices gained over 20%.

Perhaps Platinum?

Platinum is sitting at a very key support level, just as the seasonal pattern looks promising. The two strongest months of the year for Platinum are in January and February. From January 30th through to February 18 there is an average return of 2.55% for Platinum and a 75%  winning trade percentage.