Trading Ideas

Dive into daily market insights and trading opportunities in equity, forex, and commodity markets with our esteemed analyst Giles Coghlan. His cutting-edge analysis has been featured in Reuters, Business Insider, WSJ, Financial Times Adviser, NBC, LBC Radio, CoinTelegraph, Guardian Observer, National Express, and numerous other prestigious financial outlets.

Salesforce Slide?

On Wednesday, after the close, will release its earnings. The seasonal pattern for salesforce favours selling or the month of March. Over the last 19 years salesforce has fallen around 65% of the time between March 01 and March 27.

Nvidia And AI Hype!

Nvidia earnings will be in focus after the close on Wednesday Feb 21st. Investors will want to know if AI hype is still driving demand for Nvidia’s chips and they will want to see how Nvidia view future earnings as the US economy shows signs of slowing.

The Middle Of The Month 

One of the interesting features of Seasonax is being able to look at the impact of the time of the month on various instruments. It can be surprising to note that there are significant changes in the behaviour of stocks, commodities, and indices, depending on what time of the month it is!

The DXY Strength Bias Out Of Recent CPI Prints

On Tuesday February the 13th US CPI inflation data will be announced for the month of January.  Will the recent disinflationary trend be confirmed? The latest US CPI revisions on Friday are considered to be pointing towards a continued fall in US inflation, but how will markets react to Tuesday’s print?

Pepsi Poised To Pop?

Will Pepsi’s earnings be hit by the Middle East crisis? In the Middle East and beyond, into Pakistan, large multinational brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola have faced boycotts due to the ongoing impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Is Oil Poised To Surge?

There are mixed driver’s for oil right now. Middle East tensions mean the risk of contagion on the region could impede global oil supply. An Iranian involvement in the Gaza/Israel conflict could send oil sharply higher.

February Is PayPal’s Weakest Month

Over the last 8 years February has been the weakest month of the year for PayPal, closely followed by September. Furthermore, some of the falls have been double digit plunges in PayPal’s share price, so watch out for some significant volatility after the close with PayPal’s earnings due to be released.